our pastors
Robert and JoAn Summers established Mountain Creek Church, a thriving congregation located on the 100 acre campus of Prayer Mountain Dallas.

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world prayer center
A House of Prayer for all ethnic groups based on the highest ground in Dallas. We are a blend of regional ministries contending together in ceaseless worship and prayer for reformation and revival in America.
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meet times
Sunday Fellowship | 10:30 am
Come encounter the presence of the Lord with a loving community of believers.. Expect to be strengthened and equipped to function as Jesus Christ’s ambassador in the earth.
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Prophetic prayer ministries arise in critical moments of history when all the world is astir with change. Praying people initiate transition. Spiritual revolutions turn with them. All over our nation, strong centers of prayer are emerging. We are merely one of them. If your heart is burning for revival, you will find a welcome home here.